Painting Pumpkins for Halloween

By Shane McAdams

With the spooky season in full swing, there are always a multitude of Halloween activities to be had. Whether you’re working on building your costume, carving pumpkins, or enjoying the fall weather there is always something fun to do just around the corner. However, all the Halloween activities can leave college students a little strapped for cash.

Residence life representatives from the Student Living Center hosted a pumpkin painting party on October 20. Students were encouraged to come paint and decorate miniature pumpkins. All the pumpkins, paint, and tools needed to participate were provided by QU residence life. Shannon Atkinson attended the event and painted several pumpkins.

“I thought the pumpkin painting activity was super fun. I’ve been trying to get onto the Halloween spirit, and being able to paint pumpkins with friends and take some time for myself away from homework and classes was super relaxing. My roommates painted pumpkins as well, so after the activity we were finally able to decorate our room for the Halloween season and really get into the spirit,” Atkinson said.

Shannon Atkinson painting her miniature Pumpkins

Residence assistant Kay Bettendorf was the one in charge of putting on the pumpkin painting event.

“I thought it was a really fun event, I just wanted to do something fun and crafty that everyone would enjoy that kind of went along with the whole halloween spirit. We even had enough pumpkins for everyone to paint more than one, I actually painted three,” Bettendorf said.

Softball player Jessica Poore also attended the pumpkin painting party.

“It was a really fun time, it was pretty laid back and relaxed. We all just kinda sat around and talked and painted our little pumpkins. I think it was a really cool halloween themed event to get everyone in the spirit for halloween and we get to be creative at the same time and make something cool,” Poore said.

 Jessica Poore’s pumpkin painted to resemble a donut

With Halloween almost upon us, the spooky season will inevitably come and go. However, QU Residence Life has more events and activities planned for campus. Intramural darts will be starting on October 25, as well as other events like another dodgeball tournament as well as many more events that will be held later on as the semester progresses into November.

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