The Colors Behind the Caps and Gowns Have More Meaning Than You Think

By: Taylor King

Quincy University has a unique tradition held for their commencement ceremony every May. Each faculty member wears their own cap and gown that represents something different.

“Your cap and gown represent your rank, Master’s, Ph.D. and where you got your degrees from. My colors are from Florida State and Stanford University,” Dr. Barb Schleppenbach says.

Also, the color of cords that each degree has is different from one another. For example, the communication honor cords are red and silver. Colors for different departments are shown during the commencement ceremony.

It goes a little further than just what the professors have accomplished in their lives. They share their accomplishments with their students in celebrating with them as they become one of them.

“This is a celebration for our students, as we welcome them into their bright future and to celebrate their hard work to get to where they are on graduation day,” Schleppenbach said.

Looking forward to the Commencement of 2019, Senior Lauren Nadler has been looking forward to this day for a long time.

“Looking back at my time here at QU, I have learned a lot, made long lasting friendships and I have made close relationships with my professors. I am really looking forward to sharing this experience with them, as they have helped me with my academic accomplishments,” Nadler says.

The relationships that are made with the professors at Quincy University are unlike anywhere else. They not only help you find jobs or help you with networking outside of college, they are a friend with their doors always open.

“Even in high school I wasn’t really too close with any of my teachers but once I came to QU, that all changed. If I needed anything school related or not I can always count on them to be there,” Nadler says.

But even more into the future, all the way to Commencement of 2021, sophomore Kaeley Mueller says she cannot wait to share this experience with her professors.

“Being a nursing student, you have to be close with your professors otherwise nursing school will more difficult than it already is. But it will be such an accomplishment to graduate from nursing school and to share it with my professors that have gone through the process already themselves is just so rewarding,” Mueller says.

Commencement isn’t just about the cap and gowns, there’s more to it. Personal relationships between student and professor that have formed over four to even five and sometime six years and is celebrated with them for one day is one memory they will never forget.

Sharing the same colors with the professors that have guided the students through the college journey and helped them achieve their college degree makes for their journeys to come with them all the more enjoyable.

As for the colors of the cap and gowns they will always be as bright and vibrant as their students futures.

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