QU Requests Student Involvement with Campus Activities Board

By Adam Meyer


On every campus student involvement is important for retention. On campuses there are clubs and organizations that create events that help change minds of students who may think of leaving. Having events on campus is also a way for administrators to help keep students out of trouble on and off campus. Quincy University has a Campus Activities Board that is the main group that helps provide events. But not all students on campus are as aware of the group.


“I don’t really know anything about the campus activities board,” Cooper Coleman said.


Coleman is a freshman and always looks forward to different events on campus but has no interest in being a part of the group because of the lack of knowledge of the group. Coleman also expressed he would not have enough time playing volleyball and investing his time into the activities board. 


Emails have been sent out to the student body about applications but not all past CAB members are returning.


“I won’t be applying to return to CAB this year because I feel like the communication last year was honestly pretty terrible. Fliers for events would be posted around campus constantly that were apparently sponsored by CAB that were never run by any of the members, and even when events did get run by us I feel like our input never mattered and that our ideas were never taken into consideration,” Shannon Atkinson said.


Atkinson was a member since her freshman year and is now a Junior. Others in Atkinson’s friend group that were a part of the CAB all have since left the CAB after the change of leadership. The only thing that did not change with the organization is the lack of representatives going to meetings.


“I feel like the members who did show up to meetings and helped with events really cared about the club and bettering the university, but there were a very select few that physically showed up to these meetings, probably 6 people on a good day,” Atkinson said. 


CAB responds to the students but if there are no students openly asking for events then members wonder how will they become satisfied. In early 2018 Quincy Fuehne was the leader of the CAB but Atkinson says her title was changed.


“Quincy Fuehne, the president of CAB last year, really worked to try and better the club and to plan fun activities for the students, but I think that her position kind of got ripped out of her hands which I think is extremely unfair. She had been with the club since freshman year and worked for the position that she was in and then people just kind of pulled the rug out from under her,” Atkinson said.


Atkinson believed that  the change of leadership made a big change in effort by students who joined the club. Statistically there have been more events put on campus since last year, this could be a factor towards the difference in active members, and the possible respect given to a different president, from other departments and members, to a freshman with the position.


 Recently an email was sent out to students about joining the CAB that explained a change in board members.

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