Park in the snow, prepare for a tow

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By QUMedia Staff

A winter storm is predicted for Quincy this weekend. Snow accumulation totals could trigger a city snow emergency. Quincy University students who park their cars on city streets are being asked to move them into QU parking lots.

“I don’t know what the blue sign means, and I usually park in Willer lot or on one of the streets near Willer and I am not sure what street that is,” Emma Lynch, sophomore, said.

Streets that display the blue Snow Emergency Route signs are the first to be plowed in Quincy, and are considered main thoroughfares. Students have received several emails about where to park on snow days, and home game days.

Students who park on Oak, 18th and Chestnut Streets could get ticketed and towed if the mayor declares snow emergency. QU Director of Safety and Security Sam Lathrop suggest that students park in C lot instead of on the street.

“C lot is the best bet for students looking for somewhere else to park. The lot is not that much further of a walk from the dorms and their car won’t be plowed in,” Lathrop said. “These are not your average QU $15 tickets, these city tickets are much more expensive.”

The QU Director of Campus Programs and Residence Life sent an email to students. Here is the full text:

Good Morning Residents,
Hope everyone is having a productive first week back. With the weather we have had and the weather that is possibly ahead it is important that you are using the correct places to park your vehicle. Please do not park your vehicle on the side of the road in the following places as these roads are emergency snow routes: Oak, 18th and Chestnut
If you continue to park in these areas you will be subject to receiving tickets as well as make it more difficult for workers to do their job in ensuring these roads are taken care of during weather conditions.
Please let us work together to make everyone’s job easier especially with the weather as well as being good community members and simply parking win the correct spaces.
Have a great day.
Johann St. John

One student thought the request was unnecessary.

“I think that’s a little much [considering] there’s not much traffic or many cars that park there,” James Barlow, junior, said.

Students are also asked to not park near the Health and Fitness Center on basketball or volleyball game days.

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