QU Grammy Predictions, Is It “Shallow” or “God’s Plan”?

By: Taylor King

And the winner is… Music, movies, and shows all h10ave their own award shows to determine which is the best or which actor, actress and artist are the best.

Some students of Quincy University had some opinions on The Grammy’s this year, some were knowledgeable about the awards and others were hoping that one particular song or artist was nominated.

“I looked up the nomination list, for this year, there are some nominations that I wasn’t surprised were on there and other nomination such as Cardi B were on the list and honestly I do not know why,” Kaeley Mueller said.

“I enjoy music so therefore, I enjoy The Grammy’s. I am one to watch the award shows, I guess you can call it a guilty pleasure of mine,” Mueller said.

But there are some students that are not very knowledgeable about them or what kinds of awards there are. They love music, but the award show does not have any interest to them.

“Don’t get me wrong I love music, but to watch a show for over two hours is just boring to me when I can look up who won what the next day,” Sarah Blair said.

A few students knew who was up for record of the year.

“I know that Drake had his song “God’s Plan” and the song “Shallow” from “A Star is Born” is up for that. Those ones were a given, they were huge this year. And you can’t go wrong with Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper,” Emma Lynch said.

“A Star Is Born” was one of the most popular movies of 2018 and is up for many awards.

“The song “Shallow” has to win record of the year. Hands down best song of 2018 that would be insane if that song did not end up winning any of the categories that it is up for,” Blair said.

“Shallow” is up for three Grammy nominations, Record of The Year, Song of The Year, and Best Pop Duo/Group Performance. The students think it is a shoe-in for the duo performance and song of the year. But, to go as far as record of the year there are some tough competitors such as Drake, Zedd, Post Malone and Kendrick Lamar.

Students have considered watching the show, but they wish that there were advertised times announcing which award was being given out because they know that the bigger awards are during the later part of the show and only want to watch those.

“I wish for award shows that they had set times that certain awards were being announced, I would watch it then but some of the categories are boring and I really do not like sitting through all of that time just to watch two maybe three awards being received,” Mueller said.

The 61st Grammy’s will be on Feb. 10 at 7 p.m.

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