Switching Schools To Make Dreams Become Possible

By: Taylor King

Joining an athletic team at Quincy University, can be intimidating. Especially, for the men’s volleyball program. It can be extremely hard to be a starter for this team as a freshman.

This season, all of the freshman have had significant playing time and have proven that they can play with the older men on the team and make an impact on how they play.

One in particular had made an outstanding mark so far this season and has been an impactful player thus far.

Freshman Stevie Bresser from Waupun, Wisconsin has been a key player for the hawks this season. He is known for his good ball control and serve receive. He is always looking to make his teammates better and himself to bring the program up.

“Being a freshman, I think the biggest impact I have made so far is bringing new talent into the program as we reach our goal as a team of winning MIVA conference games this season,” Bresser said.

Volleyball has been a tremendous part of Bresser’s life. He started playing when he was fourteen and played at the same club for three years and then played for a big club name in volleyball, Milwaukee Sting, for his last year.

Along with playing club he played all four years on his varsity team at his high school, Homestead High School. Here, this is where is passion for volleyball shines through.

“I lived with my sister, an hour away from my parents house, all four years of high school so I could play high school volleyball since my hometown school district didn’t offer boy’s volleyball as a sport,” Bresser said.

Going as far is moving away to a different school to play a sport he loves and to be rewarded with having the opportunity to play division one volleyball, clearly it has paid off and that shows his dedication for future teams and seasons.

“Stevie is such a supportive and positive teammate. He goes above and beyond what normal teammates do. The program is lucky to have him apart of our squad,” Noam Hannoun, teammate, said.

With college sports being at a faster pace, that has been the hardest thing for Bresser to adjust to, especially when you are playing against other players who have been playing at this level for a few years now.

“He brings another level of skill to the gym, he is always ready to play and get better ever practice and his teammates around him. He pushes us to be better,” Thomas Robson, teammate, said.

Bresser is one of the leaders for the team from a statical standpoint in kills, digs, blocks and service aces. He has 81 kills on the season, 61 digs, 26 blocks and nine service aces. These numbers will only continue to get better.

The men’s volleyball squad started MIVA competition two weeks ago. It has has not traveled yet this season to play some of the big conference match-ups yet but that is another thing that excites Bresser.

“I am looking forward to playing against some of the best teams in the nation and travel to different states and universities that I usually would’t travel to,” Bresser said.

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