Art, history or education..what’s your major?

By: Taylor King

Making a decision for what classes to take for the semester to come can be difficult for some students. Whether or not if they want a class to go along with their major or if they would like to branch out to see other options.

Registration for the fall of 2019 will be coming up after spring break. Finding the right class or classes for you can be difficult, especially if you are going into your senior year and have to find more credit hours just to make the cut of a full-time student.

QU students have found that some of their fun classes have been easy for them but very useful to what they are majoring in. But, have found that some of them have been more on the fun side and been an elective pick for their degree.

“My favorite class was watercolors with Bob Mejer, I personally love painting with watercolors. My advice would be to prepare to do hours of studio work each week,” Taylor McMonagle, senior, said.

This class is for art majors, but can be taken as an art elective course that all students are required to take. Most students enough the art courses at QU, they are not too difficult and a time to get away from true school work.

Another course that McMonagle says is great is any history course with Dr.Justin Coffey.

“I love to listen to Dr. Coffey’s lectures, I don’t like history necessarily but he has a sarcastic sense of humor that is easy to listen to and follow. My advice would be to understand that he has a very unique lecture style and it takes a week or so to get used to it,” McMonagle said.

Even courses that aren’t considered “fun classes” students still find interesting and make the most of it.

“My favorite class was poetry because it sparked my interest to read poetry. I viewed the class as something to look forward to and I think that is why I enjoyed it so much,” Lauren Nadler, senior, said.

Nadler felt that she thought it would be best if she tried something new and became comfortable exploring different subjects.

Another student felt that her favorite classes pertained to her major. Learning more about them and sticking to those classes were beneficial for her.

“Modern society of education really put a lot of things into perspective for me, knowing how to teach in this day and age. I learned a lot about my major and diversity in the classroom and how to have fun with the class that you teach. You defiantly will want to become a teacher to take these courses, education majors all the way,” Lucy Grenda, senior, said.

There are a wide variety of courses to take at Quincy University, some students like to have enjoyable classes that are laid back and to take their minds off of book work but others enjoy to push themselves into going out of their comfort zones in their learning.

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