QUestion: Have you declared your major?

By: Emma Hoyt

Students were encouraged to attend a ‘Declare your Major Day’ put on by the Success Coaches on Tuesday March 5 from 3 to 5 P.M in the SSC.

Student success coaches put on this event for students who have not yet declared a major. Students had the opportunity to attend and learn about different majors from QU professors.

The SSC (Student Success Center) sent out an email to students, similar to this one, in order to provide an opportunity for students to get some 1-on-1 conversation.

Email sent out to students to recognize the event.

Brendan McCrudden, a student success coach, encourages QU students to use the resources available to help them choose a degree path.

“There were 63 undeclared students at QU to start the semester, we want to give students all the information they need to make the best informed decision for their future,” McCrudden said.

McCrudden doesn’t suggest rushing the process of selecting a major, but to use the first year to get a feel for the career you want to pursue, and then make a practical choice.

“When you look at research, you can find information that shows that students that have a major, a goal they’re chasing down, they’re more likely to persist,” McCrudden said.

As a former student athlete and the current assistant lacrosse coach at QU, McCrudden wants students to know that declaring you major in college is just as important as declaring your school of choice when it comes to athletics.

“Our culture doesn’t see the declaration of a major as a big deal, that’s why we wanted to give an opportunity to celebrate academics. We mocked this event after the National Letter of Intent signing, so students feel celebrated and appreciated when it comes to setting and chasing goals in academia,” McCrudden said.

Professors from the larger academic units were set up with different degree plan forms for each major under their umbrella.

Marian Sorenson, a lecturer in the education department, was one of the experts who attended the event to share the importance of major declaration.

“It’s important for students to have a goal, and when you declare your major, you have something to work towards,” Sorenson said.

The School of Education at Quincy University is ready to accept interested students with open arms.

“We would love to talk to anyone about education, especially all the options from early childhood through high-school. There’s a wide range of things you can major in, and I would be happy to talk to anybody about becoming a teacher,” Sorenson said.

Students interested in pursuing a degree in education will have the opportunity to experience hands on learning in K-12 classrooms, as well as exposure to materials and faculty.

In addition to the different representations of majors, Kristen Liesen was also present to conduct career assessments and personality tests for students who were completely unsure.

A temperament test found on QU website.

The success coaches located in the SSC continue to encourage students to check into the many resources that QU provides, both online and in-person. Career assessments, job search sites, internship search sites and more can be found on the QU website under student resources.

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