From beach to big city, spring break trips refresh students

By Taylor King

Some Quincy University students recently had the opportunity to leave the country for their spring break.

Roomates Sarah Blair and Emma Lynch went to an all-inclusive resort in Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic for six days.

“This trip was planned exactly a month before we left. It was totally last minute but honestly the best decision we made. My dad immediately found a great travel agent and booked everything within two days. The all-inclusive is the way to go when you vacation in the Caribbean,” Blair said.

The island was huge and the town of Punta Cana was nothing like Blair and Lynch had seen before.

“From the pervious time I had been there when I was little it wasn’t as built up and they really have tried to make it more touristy then from ten years ago. But there definitely places you wouldn’t want to go. As long as you stay on the resort it is quite a safe place to visit,” Lynch said.

As expensive as this trip was for Blair and Lynch, they said it was one they will never forget.

“For me, I don’t think there will be trip that will top this because it was amazing. The best part had to have been meeting other college students on spring break all the from the east coast. Also, being able to keep in touch with them after this trip is great,” Lynch explains.

A different group of students went to Las Vegas, Nevada for spring break.

This group had a deal similar to the one in the Dominican where they had an all-inclusive package to get into night clubs and selected places to eat.

“We planned this trip a while back and originally there were supposed to be four of and then the group kept growing. I am glad it did, we all needed each other to get through that city together,” Lauren Nadler said.

During the Las Vegas trip, the girls got to explore the city before their hotel check-in. Next they got to choose different night clubs within their package. Each night was an adventure.

“Each night we went somewhere different it was a nice change of scenery so we weren’t going to the same place every night. The night life in Vegas is interesting. I personally am not a huge city person but I had a lot of fun. I just we would have gone for less days, it’s a lot,” Nadler explains.

These QU students were happy to get away from the midwest weather to get to some warmer temperatures.

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