Student Profile: Cooper Harrison

By Emma Hoyt

With graduation coming up, seniors are getting prepared to finish courses, get their diplomas and step into the world.

Cooper Harrison is one of those seniors.

Graduating in just a few short weeks, Harrison will be exiting Quincy University with a Business Management degree with minor in Marketing.

Starting the college journey four years ago was an exiting time for Harrison, and he was determined when it came to choosing QU.

“I chose to attend QU for football and the Catholic tradition it holds. I also chose it for the people as well. The sense of family is so strong on this campus, it makes me feel at home,” Harrison said.

While enrolled at QU, Harrison has published a book, Virtue & Vices, and helped raise money for a cause close to his heart: Leukemia.

As a freshman Harrison had a goal of raising $10,000 for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society through the Student of the Year campaign. Harrison, a freshman player on the QU football team and leukemia survivor, was one out of five students throughout the nation taking part in the program.

Diagnosed with leukemia when he was in second grade, Harrison has made it a life goal to help others, no matter their circumstance.

“I want to be a philanthropist as well that can touch the lives of many. I just want to make the world a better place than how I found it,” Harrison said.

After creating his non-profit for Leukemia patients, writing his first book, Virtue & Vices, was his second step to completing his goal of helping others.

The paperback book was available for purchase on Amazon, on May 28, 2018.

“You are entering a journey like never before with Virtues & Vices. This book will dive into the virtues and vices that life has to offer. The yin and yang of the modern day poetry. It is more than just talking about right and wrong. This chapbook will talk about what our society tempts us to do on a daily basis. Read this book and learn about yourself. Learn about your wants and needs. Get intellectually enriched by this short read. It may only be about 50 pages, but they all have knowledge within each page. Prepare to be empowered by reading and reflecting.”

Cooper Harrison, Virtue & Vices Author

Originally from the St. Louis area, Harrison plans to return there for his MBA following graduation from QU.

“I plan to attend St. Louis University for the MBA program and work in sales or marketing,” Harrison said.

A master’s degree is not all that Harrison is after while heading back to St. Louis.

“I’ll continue writing my second book and running my non-profit that helps kids with Leukemia. I want to run my own business someday, as well as, be a motivational writer and speaker,” Harrison said.

As graduation gets closer, Harrison shared some advice for the students he’s leaving behind a QU. 

“Enjoy the ride, seniors. Enjoy the walks across campus, the late nights with friends, and the “last” things you do. For athletes, your last practice, game, even the last workout or meeting. For NARPs (Non Athletic Regular Person(s)) enjoy your last paper, project, assignment, and club functions. When it all ends, it all ends. Love the sweet moments and embrace the bitter moments. Life moves so fast, it is okay to stop and just enjoy the little things. Love your school, love your people, and love the person you have become,” Harrison said.

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