Avengers mania across campus and the globe

By Shane McAdams

Avengers Endgame is the much anticipated sequel to Avengers Infinity War. Endgame was released on April 26, and quickly became a sensation. Marvel fans set upon theaters and cinema’s across the globe to see the epic conclusion to infinity war. It became quickly evident that endgame was going to be the biggest film of the year and possibly of all time thus far).

Currently the highest grossing film of all time is James Cameron’s Avatar. Avatar raked in a staggering $2.79 billion globally in the box office when it was released in 2009.

Avatar still holds the record for gross earnings.

While Avatar currently still sits at the top of the board, Endgame is getting closer. Endgame has already surpassed Titanic (another Cameron film) as the second highest grossing film of all time. As of May 9, Endgame has earned $2.27 billion in only 14 days, passing Titanic which sits at $2.19 billion.

While Endgame currently sits at number two in total gross earnings, it also broke another record previously held by Avatar. Avengers Endgame became the fasted film to ever gross $2 billion, accomplishing that feat in only 11 days. The previous record held by Avatar took 47 days to accomplish.

With Endgame crushing the $2 billion record in just 11 days, surpassing Titanic for the number two spot, and still rising. It looks as if Endgame is on track to take the number one spot from Avatar.

But how was Endgame received at QU?

“It was hands down one of the longest movies I have ever sat through. It’s like three hours long. I definitely had to take a break during the movie. Overall I thought it was an awesome movie. It was just awesome and sad to see so many plots come to a close in the movie, but I loved it,” Dana Walsh said.

Marvel also broke one of their own records when it came to Endgame. That record being the longest run time super-hero movie the studio has ever made with a run time of 182 minutes. Marvel movies of the past typically ran around 140 minutes, with Infinity War running 149 minutes and Captain America: Civil War at 147 minutes.

While Endgame tied up several plots in the film, in many ways it is the end of an era. Endgame is the final film in Marvels third phase, which started with Captain America: Civil War. While Endgame may close the door on some things, it leaves the door open for new characters and stories to be told.

“It’s kinda wild to think that some of these parts of Marvel are coming to a close. You know like we grew up with these movies, middle school high school, and college the have been Marvel movies coming out for a long time and they all ended in this one movie. It’s kind of a bummer but I’m also really stoked for what they are going to come out with next,” Adam Rogan said.

Movie theater poster for Spiderman: Far From Home

Marvels’ next film in the pipeline is Spiderman: Far From Home. It will be releasing in theaters on July 2, 2019. Something important to note about the next Spiderman film is that if you haven’t yet seen Endgame there will be spoilers for endgame in Spiderman: Far From Home.

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