How To Report A Title IX Violation

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By Raven Ash

Several students on campus say they do not know how to report a Title IX complaint.

Title IX is an educational act that ensures that no person is discriminated against in regards to gender. The policy also applies to sexual misconduct.

All Quincy University students were required to complete a Title IX training at the beginning of the semester using an online training module.

Even after completing the online trainings, students do not feel like they are informed enough about Title IX to make a report if they experience sexual misconduct or gender-based discrimination.

“The university does a very good job at educating us about Title IX and what it consist of and about consent, but I don’t know how to report it once it happens,” Cortney Powell, student, said.

The Title IX coordinator plays an important role in ensuring the University acts in accordance with all Title IX requirements.

“The purpose of Title IX is to provide a safe and healthy educational environment for students, employees, and campus guests,” Tanya Moore, Title IX coordinator, said.

Moore is also the director of human resources.

Students can report Title IX violations by making a complaint to Dr. Christine Tracy, campus security, the Title IX coordinator, or Title IX investigator.

Sam Lathrop is the acting Title IX investigator.

Additionally, all university responsible employees are required to notify the Title IX coordinator if they hear about an incident. University responsible employees are all full-time and part-time employees at QU. Chartwells, Follet Bookstore and National Facilities Management employees are included.

For victims or witnesses who prefer to stay anonymous, there is an online form on the campus security website that allows incidents to be reported anonymously. The form asks for a detailed description of the incident, who is being accused, phone numbers of other witnesses and a recommendation of how the issue should be handled. The student is not required to give their name.

Once the university has been informed about a possible Title IX violation, it is obligated to take further action in finding a resolution. The resolution is intended to prevent further harassment and eliminate any hostile environment.

After a complaint has been made, the Title IX investigator begins the investigation by gathering and analyzing available evidence to determine details of the incident and establish witness credibility.

If the initial investigation reveals that a Title IX policy has been violated, the accused respondent will be notified in writing of the allegations against him/her, the names of everyone involves, date, and location of the incident. The respondent will have seven days to respond to the notice.

During this portion of the process, the investigator will conduct interviews with all parties involved to determine the validity and severity of the incident. Disciplinary action varies depending on the severity of the incident and if the respondent is staff, faculty, or a student.

Under QU’s Title IX policy, the individual who reported a violation is not entitled to know the outcome of the investigation, however; they are able to request a remedy for the issue.

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