Card readers installed outside Padua Hall

By Alexa Low

Over thanksgiving break, changes were made around campus.

Padua Hall received card readers at each perimeter door so students no longer need their key to enter the building, just their QU ID.

“It’s been a great benefit to the students because having to mess with the actual keys is kind of annoying whereas the key cards make getting into the dorms, especially at night, a lot easier and a lot quicker,” Dylan Christiansen said.

Padua was the last resident hall with key entry. Card readers were one of many renovations made to the building.

“Whenever we build new or we refurbish an area, we’ll take and make sure that cameras and door systems are part of that. Our goal is to eventually get all of our living spaces door card access,” Director of Safety and Security Sam Lathrop said.

The two week period between Thanksgiving and Christmas break will be a trial run to make sure the card readers are working properly.

If everything checks out with the IT department and security, students will be asked to return their keys.

“Come January when everyone returns, we will slowly start to take those keys away from the residents and then make them rely solely on their card for access,” Lathrop said.

Now that each building can be entered without keys, security will upgrade card readers to be subdivided by floor. Once in the building, students will see separate card readers outside of each floor.

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