Noise, trash make living in dorm difficult

By Raven Ash

Throughout this school year, Residence Life employees have battled issues occurring in several of the dorm halls on campus. Now residents in Willer Hall are taking their turn.

Students in Willer Hall recently received two emails addressing issues that have been occurring within the hall.

The first email received from the director of housing operations, Andrea Gruger, reminded students about the policy regarding alcohol in the building. Willer Hall is a popular party scene on the weekends due to its size and number of residents, however alcohol is not permitted in any suite. Campus security and Christine Tracy, PhD., are now monitoring the building to prevent additional alcohol related incidents.

“Every suite within Willer Hall has at least one resident who is under 21. Per the student handbook, residents who are under the age of 21 are not permitted to be in the presence of alcohol,” Gruger wrote.

The second email sent by the Willer Hall resident director, Kiana Reed, explained more issues that were affecting the living community.

Noise levels in Willer is not a new issue. Because Willer is the place to gather, noise complaints are not out of the ordinary. It is common to hear the suite above or below you. In the email Reed says residents need to be conscious of noise levels even outside of the designated quiet hours.

“That’s one thing that has been a consistent issue and that needs to be solved because it’s just out of respect for the living community and other people,” Julianna Basler, Willer Hall resident assistant, said.

The residents in Willer Hall have also had issues with respecting the building and other resident’s property. Recently, a resident had items stolen off of their door. Glass was left in a stairwell for days after a resident shattered a lightbulb and left it for someone else to find. On Saturday and Sunday mornings it is not uncommon to see things that were thrown from windows littering the sidewalks along with plastic solo cups.

The trash littering the sidewalks outside is not the end of the trash issue. Residents have been placing their bags of trash in the hallways of Willer. Trash can also be found scattered along stairways, on light fixtures and even inside of the fire extinguisher boxes.

“This is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. All trash needs to be taken to the dumpster in the parking lot behind our hall,” Reed wrote. “Any trash that is not, will be documented, which will lead to fines, this could include a community fine if we are unable to figure out the individual (or suite) that has been leaving their trash around our hall.”

Additionally, students aren’t keeping the laundry room clean. Because residents do not pick up their clothing on time, mounds of clothes accumulate. Students are not cleaning the lint traps for the next person and lint and dryer sheets often litter the floor.

QU representatives say it is important for the residents to acknowledge these issues to better the living community.

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