Campus Security contracts with Per Mar

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By Alexa Low

Quincy University has contracted with Per Mar Security to provide security staffing.

This investment has allowed for 200 additional shifts per year to be covered by security staff.

Starting in the next few months, a minimum of two officers will be on duty at peak hours throughout the school year.

“It was always just one before, so you only had one person to talk to and they were always doing something,” Trevon Rhodes said.

This new merger allows students access to more officers while still having the familiar face of Sam Lathrop as director of safety and security.

More officers is the only change students will see other than a slight change in uniform.

“From a consumer standpoint, absolutely nothing. You’re going to use the same number to call security. We’ll always have at least one officer on duty at all times. This contract with Per Mar actually allows up to have a little bit better staffing than we’d experienced before,” Lathrop said.

Students will have the extra help they need when calling security.

“It’s [security] really helpful. Helps a lot of student out of situations like getting into your room or just stuff going on in the dorms,” Rhodes said.

Although Per Mar is in charge of staffing, student officers and internships are still run through Sam Lathrop.

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