QUTV searches for new members just in time for fall registration

This is a picture of the control room at QUTV.

By: Zach Parks

Quincy University has invested in a production studio at North Campus.

This studio allows any student whether a communication major or a pre-med major, to get a real life feel on how it would be to take part of a studio production station.

There are several classes that use the studio.

Every Wednesday there is a live show that is steamed on YouTube, and on Xfinity Streaming channel 1901. .

Each semester there are spots open for anchors, reporters, producers, control room operators and weather and sports announcers.

If getting in front of the camera is not your thing there are spots in the control room as well.

There are multiple spots in the control room if you consider yourself a leader, one of which is a director.

Teleprompter operator allows you to scroll through the words that the anchors are reading.

Audio board operators control how quiet or loud someone is talking depending on the circumstance.

Video playback operators place videos in the correct arrangement allowing the show to work in a step by step fashion.

There are two knowledgeable instructors working hand in hand with you in each step of the way. Both of whom have had careers in the news industry, this allows them to know the ins and outs of each position in the newsroom.

“When I first got to Quincy, I couldn’t believe how nice the newsroom and facilities are here and to this day I’m still blown away by the quality of our broadcasts and the drive of everyone involved in this program,” Alex Aubuchon, sophomore, said.

Aubuchon is currently the director of QUTV News This Week.

“The newsroom offers a real practical experience for anyone who wants to enter the field of news broadcast journalism. The studio is par with professional newsrooms,” Will Conerly, sport management student, said.

 “I think that for a University our newsroom is extremely professional, all of the cameras, green screen and other technology that is in that room is insane. The quality and quantity of the equipment looks like you are actually stepping into a professional newsroom,” Brett Taucher, junior, said.

Ask your academic advisor about production classes at QUTV.

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