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by Cassie Phillips

If you would like to host your own Netflix Watch party here is a step by step of everything you need to do. While most of us are bored at home especially with summer approaching Netflix added a party feature where you can invite your friends to watch the same movie or show without being in the same house.

With the social distancing recommendations this is a great way for your friends and you to virtually hang out! Netflix Watch Party is when you can invite your closet friends to watch a Netflix movie or show while having the ability to chat as well.

I decided to host a Netflix watch party myself with a couple of my friends and here is how it went! The movie we all decided on was “To all the boys I loved before.” I wanted to see how easy or difficult it was to host one. I also wanted to give you a step by step if you would like to host one as well.

  1. You first have to make sure you are in Google Chrome. The reason for this is because Netflix party is a Chrome extension.
  2. Once you are on Chrome search for Netflix party. The home page should look like this:

 3.) When you are on the home page click install Netflix Party

4.) When you click on the button it will automatically take you to a different page. Once you get to this page click add to Chrome in the top right-hand corner (mine says remove but that’s because I have already added it).

5.) When it is added and installed you should see a grey NP button by the search and account buttons up top.

Now that you have added Netflix party to your Chrome Browser you can now decide which movie or show you and your friends would like to watch. Head over to Netflix and choose anything you want. My friends wanted to watch To All the Boys I Loved Before so that what I clicked on.

6.) Once you click on the movie or tv show you should notice that the once grey NP button is now red. This means you can start the party.

7.) Click on the Red NP button and you should get a screen that says start the party.

8.) Once you click on start the party you will receive a link to the party! From that point you can send the link to any of your friends and they should be able to join.

One thing I noticed had to happen for this to work is that everyone had to download Netflix party. Have your friends go through the same steps you took to download the extension. They do not have to do any steps past number 5. All they have to do is download the extension and sign into their Netflix account, and lastly follow the link to join the party.

9.) Once they follow the link to the Netflix tell them to hit the red NP button, when they do that they will join, and you can start chatting! Happy watching!

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