Dad dominates during quarantine game nights

During this very tough and stressful time with a harming and deadly pandemic throughout our nation, I’ve found a silver lining. experience coming from this personally.

The positive experience I will be discussing is the phenomenon known as Parks Family Game Night.

This is a very common way for our family to bond with each other and gain some quality time while we are stuck in our home.

Board games are a very common way to spend undisrupted quality time together.

The common games that are played in my household are Monopoly and Trouble.

These are awesome games where you are able to knock out your opponent and see who the victor of the night will be.

These are not the only games played, we also really enjoy card games, the common card games played are 31 and Kings’ Corner. These are very simple card games and allows you to see who got the lucky draw of cards.

Unfortunately, the common winner of these card games is my father, maybe it’s the wise way he plays, or he is just very lucky with cards drawn. My mother and I very commonly lose.

“I am very surprised that I have gotten this lucky with the games on our family nights, this always makes me laugh hysterically. Because I know how much my son hates to lose,” Doug Parks said.

While personally I really don’t enjoy seeing my father win every night, I know how much he enjoys it, and it keeps him coming back every night to keep me and my mother entertained.

“As a mother I don’t care so much about winning, I just enjoy the quality time with my child and spouse, this allows us to grow closer as a family, and form a bond and connection with each other,” Brenda Parks said.

While personally I am not very lucky when it comes to family games. I love to catch up with my family, because normally this time of the year I would be away from them, this quality time through games is very much needed.

Parks Family Game Night will proceed, and hopefully one of these nights I will find a little bit of luck.

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