5 unique resturants to Visit in Quincy

Popp’n On Maine:

Popp’n on Maine is a family-owned, five-star rated business that was created and brought up by the McKinney family in 2019. With tons of flavored popcorn variety and a constant rotation in the menu, Popp’n on Maine keeps it interesting. Its bold and exotic sweet and savory flavors keep regulars coming back and out-of-towners coming in! Some classics and some bizarre new flavors can be found on the menu. Not only does Popp’n on Maine sell popcorn but they also sell tons of local products in-store. Products like honey, kernels, flavorings, spices, two-gallon tins, some home décor, shirts, key chains, old fashion sodas, and several other things making Popp’n on Maine a unique popcorn shop in downtown Quincy. 

Carter’s Coffee Bar:

Carter’s Coffee Bar, the one and only drive-through coffee stand in the tri-state area is a college student’s dream. Known for its aesthetic and specialty drinks, Carter’s has quickly become a fan favorite since its opening in 2020. Not only does Carter’s serve the typical coffee and tea, but it also offers lotus energy-based drinks that can be paired with tons of unique flavors and even cooler add-on’s such as Boba. With over fifty flavors, Carter’s is a thriving coffee joint on Maine st. in Quincy, that loves spreading kindness and love in and on every cup! 

Photo Curtesy Shardyn Janssen

Chick’s on the River:

There is an amazing array of chicken options in Quincy, however, there is nothing quite like Chick’s on the River. A tourist go-to and a local favorite, Chick’s on the River always seems to get more and more people in. Known for their highly recommended special lip sauce that resembles a buffalo-like flavor. Specializing in their lip flavor, they offer tons of unique chicken lip entrees like nachos, wraps, spuds, and others all revolving around lip-covered chicken. Not only do they have these in-house favorites but they also have tons of other options to choose from if lip sauce does not fancy your liking. No matter what you get on Chick’s on the River, you can go wrong. Not to mention the view is pretty great too!

The Yum Factory:

Located at the center of Broadway, The Yum Factory is not your typical bakery. Serving customers an extremely large variety of cupcakes, cookies, cakes, chocolate delights, and other sweet treats along with an entire wall of old-fashioned candies. Not only are they serving the sweetest treats but they are also pairing it with wine and spirits. It is also not every day you find a bakery that does weekly activities such as Wine Down Wednesdays, Cold Case Thursday nights, Sunday bunches, and many more. The Yum Factory also dedicates itself to doing special order event sweets for any occasion! Everything you could want from a local bakery is found at The Yum Factory. 

The Abbey: 

A higher scale twist on classic homemade food mixed with their signature steaks, seafood, and specialty appetizers. The Abbey is good for a night out or a nice family dinner. Along with a large selection of different foods, The Abbey can be a hub for Saturday night drinkers. With its large drink menu and open bar with multiple TVs to watch any game, it is often a packed house with quick long lines and great service. The Abbey also offers carry-out and pick-up options for the stay-at-home nights that you’re still looking for a prime choice, reasonable dinner. The Abbey is a welcoming, friendly atmosphere any night of the week and serves top-notch food and drinks!

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