Students Optimistic for Semester

Quincy University students are showing excitement for the 2021 fall semester. All over campus, people can be seen attending in-person classes, mingling in the cafeteria, and taking part in events across campus.

Students no longer feel the antisocial hysteria of COVID, like during the early days of the pandemic. Students have adapted and many feel more comfortable getting back into the college routine.

Many athletes were spurned during last year’s season by COVID-19, reducing the number of games that could be played.

“It was tough being limited on what we could do,” Tyler Terrance said.

Tyler is on the football team and stayed on campus throughout the COVID restrictions. He is excited to be able to play a full season and meeting new people this year.

Social gatherings like in-person classes, sports, and school events have always been a good way for students to interact with new people on campus. These activities are an important part of the college experience and help students feel included.

Jerriah Kelly is a junior transfer student and says she knows the semester will be challenging academically, but she says she is looking forward to a good semester.

“I look forward to having a successful academic semester, hopefully staying on task with everything, and going to campus events,” Kelly said.

Kelly says that she gets most of her information about school events from the many posters hung up across campus, but also sees updates on social media.

But as of September 30, 2021, the governor of Illinois issued an executive order, reintroducing the mask mandate. This has some students worried that the new spike in COVID cases will disrupt their year.

Many view the return of the mask mandate as a return to the unorganized and uncertain outlook during 2020. Many athletes fear losing their playing time, and many students are worried about re-entering the long isolation of quarantine.

Many freshmen feel overwhelmed by their new environment and COVID rules. This has caused many students to retreat to their dorm rooms during their free time.

“We usually just sit in the room, watch Netflix, play video games and stuff like that,” Conner Davis said.

It is already difficult for students to transition from high school to college. The presence of mask rules creates a greater division between students, resulting in less interaction and antisocial behavior.

Even though there are mask mandate and COVID rules, there are still students who believe that this will not stop them from enjoying their semester. With the many events and sports games planned for the year, there are still opportunities for students to meet new people and have a good time.

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