Colleen McCormack: Associate Underwriter

Colleen McCormack, Associate Underwriter

What’s challenging/interesting/rewarding about my current job?

  • I get to talk to a lot of interesting business owners about their insurance needs.

How do I use various communication proficiencies in my work?

  • I’m constantly on the phone, or communicating via email with customers.

What surprised me about my career?

  • I never thought I would go into insurance, but I really like it.

Here’s my number one piece of advice for Communication undergrads:

  • Be open to unexpected career options. As a COM major, you are qualified for a lot!

How did you get a job out of state?

Market yourself well. The job search is essentially a large marketing promotion of yourself. Start with a 30 second commercial for yourself. Who are you? What is your reputation in the workplace? What excites you about work? What kind of opportunities are you looking for and where? Include your contact information and adjust this formula for each job you apply for.

Class year: 2015

Previous jobs since graduation:

Marketing Coordinator at Educational Marketing Group

Customer Service Representative

Underwriting Account Manager

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