trash becoming an issue on campus

Quincy University haas been sending out a ton of emails regarding students leaving trash in residence halls.

William Jacobs sent out an email informing all students that they are responsible for removing all of their personal trash from the building and taking it outside to the dumpster. He went on to state that it is not a part of housekeeping’s normal duties to remove other people’s trash.

In the past couple of weeks, the housekeeping staff documented several different instances of excessive trash being left in the residential hallways. William also mentioned to students that it is a safety hazard for others.

William Jacobs, director of residence life, wasn’t pleased by some student’s behavior as he gave some insight on the situation.

“It was brought to my attention from housekeeping that someone has been throwing wet toilet paper wads in the bathrooms of Padua. This is completely unacceptable behavior and the next time this happens a floor will be charged $500 to have the space cleaned,” Jacobs said.

As students are adapting to avoid these consequences, some students are still unsure about where to actually dump their trash.

Quincy student Kenshawn Bragg tries to avoid having a large amount of trash in his room, so anytime he brings food back from the cafeteria he just gets a plastic bag and leaves it on the back of his door.

“Last school year I stayed in Padua and at the end of each hall there was always a big trashcan for people living on that floor to throw their trash away. I don’t know why they took them out but that’s why a lot of people may just try to find the near bathroom or trashcan to throw their trash away,” Bragg said.

William Jacobs has sent emails out to all students informing them before leaving for Thanksgiving Break, be sure to remove all trash and any food items should be sealed and stored, as well as dishes be clean and put away.

For any students that may have any questions or concerns, Jacobs can be reached by phone at 217-228-5432.

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