Greek Life introduces new fraternity to QU

Quincy University hosted Greekfest to introduce a new fraternity while continuing the promotion of the other sorority and fraternities offered on campus. 

On Saturday, February 5, members of all current residing sororities and fraternities on campus gathered in the Hall of Fame room located in the HFC.

The event provided students the opportunity to meet all of the available Greek groups prior to recruitment. Greekfest also consisted of games, cash and gift card prizes, food, and more. 

“Being a part of Phi Sigma Sigma is like being a part of a new family. We’re a sisterhood,” Ashley Zimmerman said. “Choosing to be a part of a sorority was my way of getting more involved with the university and the campus. It was a new way of interacting with other QU students since I’m not an athlete. It’s just important to events like this and show people there is more to QU than just sports!”

Greek Life held the event to show support to all on campus sororities and fraternities. QU also announced the introduction of a new fraternity coming to campus.

Iota Phi Theta will officially be at QU starting fall 2022.

“I was introduced to Iota Phi Theta in high school when I was still 18 by my uncle. I ended up really liking it but unfortunately did not get to attend the University of Illinois like he did so when I came to Quincy I tried to bring a chapter here but I was unsuccessful at the time,” Kortarius Finley said. “But I didn’t give up. Now going to grad school I found my next opportunity. So I applied and they did my intake. Now my plan is to get another chapter here. To accomplish and bring something new to QU.”

Quincy University is continuing to provide new opportunities to all aspects of being a QU student. Greek Life is working on expanding in numbers of members and number of houses. 

“While we all represent different organizations we’re all still one on this campus. And so that’s what these events symbolize and that’s what it really does symbolize you know that we can come together and put together great events like this here and for the students on campus and well just have a good time,” Finley said. 

Greek Life hopes to continue promoting their organizations and grow in membership.

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