Sustainable Gardening for the Good of the Planet

When the spring season comes around, it’s a great time to bask in nature’s beauty and do what we can to preserve it. One fantastic and mutually beneficial way to do so is by gardening.

We are stuck with this planet, for better or for worse, so giving back is a great way to keep the earth healthy and happy. We are all equally responsible for doing so and can get a lot in return if done correctly.

Gardening is a great way to help the planet while getting some gratification from the plants in return.

“Gardening is good for your health, good for your soil, and good for the wildlife,” writes Andrew Krosofsky in an article about the importance of gardening.

Krosofsky goes on to explain that gardens produce oxygen, attract pollinators, stabilize soil, and filter water. All of which provide safe spaces for wildlife and necessary nutrients for nature.

If you aren’t sold on gardening for the good of the planet, maybe you’ll be convinced on the good it can do for people. Gardening has been known to increase Vitamin D, improve moods, and provide exercise. 

In many ways, gardening is just as good for you as it is for the earth.

While gardening is usually a good thing, it is important to do it sustainably. If done carelessly, gardening can be more problematic than doing nothing at all.

AHS gardening explains that, when beginning an at-home garden, there are some important tenets of sustainability to keep in mind. These encourage gardeners to look towards the future as they plant.

These tenets include valuing ecosystem over aesthetics and working with nature instead of against it.

These tenets are demonstrated by thoroughly examining soil health before planting, conserving water for gardening, supporting pollinators, selecting native plants, and avoiding certain materials and tools.

While it might sound overwhelming at first, this is essential to a gardening experience that is just as enriching for you as it is for the planet around you.

It will take some research and a few sacrifices in choosing the plants you desire. The loss of some foreign plant species in your yard will be well worth the environmental gains you’ve provided.

If you are in the mood to get outside and gardening, you’ll be happy to learn that there are plenty of resources online to help you get started.

This site is a great place to start. The article by Gardeners’ World Magazine has a great overview on what goes into basic gardening.

It includes general advice on planting as well as a reminder to “enjoy your garden,” something you might need to hear after a long day of research and planting.

Native Plant Guide courtesy of

To make sure that your garden is appropriate for your ecosystem, consulting a plant guide like the one pictured here is a good start. While the one pictured is for Illinois, an easy google search can tell you about plants in any other state.

Have fun and do your research to make sure you are as sustainable as possible.

Happy planting!

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