Some tips to know how to pick your major

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Starting college is always something that is going to be something that is going to be exciting and nerve-racking. 

This decision is something that is going to set the path for the rest of everyone’s lives and picking a major is just the beginning on that path. Picking a major can be something that is going to stress out most teenagers when they are about to decide what to do. 

“I knew I wanted to be involved in something related to the health system. I have always been interested in helping other people so I felt like my decision to major in nursing was something natural for me.  I would say a strategy that helped me decide was taking several tests about what I was interested in and I just narrowed it down to nursing, and so far I have been liking my major,” Gabriella Kempf said. 

Most high schools tend to provide students with several aptitude tests to try to orient them to pick what they are going to seek their degree in. 

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Gabriella Kempf doing homework in the SLC (student living center).

Students are in a position where they need to decide what they are going to specialize in. This tends to be a stressful moment in the teenagers’ lives and they are filled with the fear of not picking right.

“My major is studio art, I have always been interested in arts and I would say I am pretty good at them but to be honest this is not the path I want to take. After two years of majoring in studio art I have realized that it was not the right path for me and I am going to be transferring because I want to specialize in massage therapy. I have met a lot of people that switch after being in college for a semester so I would definitely encourage people to try something even if they are not sure because you can always try something you may be interested in,” Teagan Mcauliffe said. 

Most colleges also offer classes for those people that do not know what to major in, this is a very important thing to know in case someone feels like the classes that they are taking are not right for them and this is a good tool for them so they can know what to do. 

There are a lot of factors when you try to think about picking a major, but some of the students at QU base their decision on life experiences because is what may work the best for them, most of the students also related their decision on how they are feeling throughout their college experience.

student doing homework
Student checking her schedule for the next semester

“I started college majoring in accounting because I thought it was something I was going to be interested in but after a semester I realized I did not like it. After talking to some of my friends and taking mock trial I realized I would enjoy political science and I feel very confident about this decision. I enjoy my work and my classes,” Nicholas Puente said.

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