Q and A With Chris Chappelle

By Scottie Bruxvoort

Where are you from?

– I was born and raised in South Central, Los Angeles, Calif.

What was growing up in that area like?

– Growing up in South Central, Los Angeles was very unique to say the least, however, minimal detail is necessary. A constant set of thoughts dwelled in my mind and in the mind of many others I shared my life experience with. Those thoughts were:
– Will I make it to see 18[?]
– Is there more to life than this[?]
– I wonder if I will ever make it up out of here…
– What am I going to do with my life[?]
– I guess I’ll just stay here and do what I can to survive…
– Nowhere I go is safe…

What brought you to Quincy?

– What brought me to Quincy was an opportunity to not only do better, but be better than the situation I was in previously, which was full of misguided mistakes, repetitive ignorance and broken dreams. In a nutshell, my passion to play volleyball at the next available level up helped drive my decision to completion.

Are you adjusted to the different lifestyle of living in the midwest?

– I have adjusted well to the different lifestyle of living in the Midwest and would actually vote for the lifestyle of the Midwest over Southern California any day. The agriculture is beautiful as to where Los Angeles is more architecture. I mean, art is art but life is art and to me, there’s more life in the Midwest.

Tell me about Illegal Dream.

– IllegalDream© is a previously deemed non-profit organization turned culture/lifestyle that I officially manifested my senior year of high school. In hopes of using the organization as a vehicle to drive others out of their conditioned mentality of the cliché, average working man of the world, into a more freelanced, freestyle, freedom lifestyle.
IllegalDream©, full name, IllegalDream© Positive Mindstate, consists of pushing confidence via positivity into the mind of the lost and misguided, in order to create a sense of natural bliss about their purpose, as they go through each moment in life, regardless of class, ethnicity or past experiences.

Where do you see yourself after graduation?

– I see my self in a completely serene state of mind, across the Atlantic Ocean somewhere, continuing to live my dream, bringing to fruition all of my aspirations.

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