An Unexpected Romance

By: Sarah Vahlkamp

Casey and Beth Wedding

True love is the soul’s recognition of its counterpart in another”- Owen Wilson, The Wedding Crashers

When Elisabeth Rogers ’07 and Casey Collins ’05 crossed paths for the first time in choir, it was a simple passing that came to mean much more.

“I met Casey in choir, officially, but I was a love struck freshman who joined Model UN (United Nations) in order to meet him officially,” Elisabeth said.

Elisabeth and Casey also participated in Brother Sun, Sister Moon and were active within Campus Ministry. Due to their mutual involvement in activities on campus, the two became friends very quickly as Elisabeth developed a crush.

“I thought he was so much older than me, so I didn’t think that anything would really come of it,” Elisabeth said.

Beth Graduation

However, a mutual friend of the couple had a different plan in mind. During a concert that Elisabeth did not attend, the mutual friend informed Casey that Elisabeth had a crush on him. Casey was surprised as he had not thought about Elisabeth romantically before because of their age difference, but his eyes were opened to the possibility. After the concert, Casey began walking Elisabeth to class and around campus on the weekends. They experienced many moonlit walks, and the two were able to form a solid friendship before dating.

“I remember Penny Lane in the starlight, and how the trees looked like glass after a freezing rain storm. Probably one of my favorite things was going to the Chapel in the evenings and listening to Casey play the piano. He wrote me a song in that chapel, and it has always held a very special place in our hearts,” Elisabeth said.

In May 2005, Casey decided it was time to take their relationship to the next level. Elisabeth was sent on a scavenger hunt to all the places that were special to their relationship. She was sent to places such as River Front Park, Campus Ministry, the Statue of St. Francis, and finally the Chapel where Casey proposed.


Casey and Elisabeth Collins were married in June 2006, in Napa, California. Fr. Ralph Parthie joined the couple in California to preside over the wedding.

Casey and Elisabeth have three daughters together, Ann, 9, Claire, 4, and Dorothy, 3, and will be celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary this year.


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