QU Counts Food Drive Success at Day of Service

By Travis Richmiller

On Wednesday October 5, Quincy University’s students and faculty members didn’t go to class like usual. Instead, they participated in their second annual Day of Service event. There are many different events that students and faculty could do to participate. One such event was the Quincy University food drive. The QU community collected nearly 1,500 pounds of food.

Flyers were sent all over town ahead of time to let people and businesses know that Quincy University was holding a food drive. People in the community were instructed to place food in bags outside of their homes on October 5 before 9:00 a.m. with the flyer attached. The flyer said that someone would be there to pick it up for them by 3:00 p.m. that same day. There were eleven designated pick up destinations. To see a map of the designated pick up points, click here.

A Quincy University faculty member or student was at each station to receive the donated food and bring it to be weighed. All the food was then donated to Catholic Charities so they could restock their shelves with food for the less fortunate.

 There were many students, teachers and other faculty members involved with this large scale operation. One of those people was Dr. Daniel Strudwick, an associate professor of theology. He and several other faculty members and Quincy University Connect students were responsible for distributing flyers, picking up food, bringing it back to be weighed and then distributing it to Catholic Charities.

Strudwick was thrilled to see everyone at Quincy University helping out during the day of service. He was glad with how the QU community came together and gave back to the community, not just with the food drive, but all those who contributed to other projects as well.

“We’re only one component of Quincy University’s Day of Service, and we just wanted to do our part to contribute,” said Strudwick. “The day of service reminds us all of the importance of serving others.”

One Quincy University student, Regina Bergman, was also moved with her experience with the food drive and Quincy University’s Day of Service. She picked up approximately 200 pounds of food from Kennedy Wealth Group, on 721 N. 24th St. here in Quincy. She was so moved by Kennedy Wealth Group’s donation and all the other donations that were made that day.

“I think any donation made that day is important, and I look at this amazing generosity and feel proud to be a part of Quincy. I feel blessed that I can be a part of this day, and am thankful for all of those who helped make the Day of Service and the food drive such a success,” said Bergman.

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