QU’s Marching Band Gets Lit

Quincy University’s Marching Band performed its first light show at the QU football game Saturday night on Oct. 15. People from all over Quincy attended the game in high spirits.

The marching band doesn’t normally perform at football games during fall break, however, Director of Bands Bill Machold, decided to perform at the game.

“The idea was really the Athletics department. And they approached me about doing something with the lights off and having glow sticks, glow lights, things like that,” Machold said. “So we worked with the Athletic department to plan that out. We had a special rehearsal here in the stadium at night to practice with the lights off so we got used to what we were going to see. The kids had a lot of fun with it. I think it came off very well.”

Before the show, color guard and band members prepared their equipment and instruments for the show.

The color guard met under the bleachers to ready the glow sticks and tape them onto their flags. They also added glow stick bracelets to their wrists and wore pink mini-ears, which lit up the show.

“The light show was a really neat idea. It was hard for us, and the members of the band, trying to see everything and organize it. But I hope the fans really enjoyed it,” Elizabeth Kuenzi, color guard member and senior at QU, said.


Carley Law, Caleigh Adams, Kate Haliotis, Meaghan Cavallero, Elizabeth Kuenzi


The band prepared by attaching glow sticks to their instruments and hats, which could be seen from the stands.

“I think it went really well. I think the band rehearsed really well and put on a really good show—same with dance team,” Racin Coelho, a band member and junior at QU, said.


QU Marching Band


“I thought it was a creative use of all the wonderful glow sticks. And it was very innovative to turn off all the lights. It was awesome,” Amy Stollberg, director of choirs said.

QU alumni and former color guard member, Sarah Kimme, and her mother, Karen Kimme, attended the football game to watch the marching band’s light show.


Sarah Kimme and Karen Kimme


“I miss coming to all the games. When she (Sarah) said they were having this thing tonight I was like, ‘Let’s go!’” Karen Kimme said.




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