CEO Club Hosts Horrifying Haunted House

By Shea Stine

Over 1100 people visited “The Asylum” Haunted House, hosted by the Collegiate Entrepreneur Organization (CEO) Club at North Campus on October 28 and 29. The frightening house was even too much for some to handle.

“We legitimately made a few customers pee their pants,” Reed Bentzinger, who is the President of the CEO club, said “We had great leadership and lots of hard work in the week leading up to the haunted house. It was great to see everyone work together in a team effort to put on a great event for the campus and community.”

Junior Darek Lambert toured the haunted house and was impressed.

“It looked really well done and was much improved from last year,” Lambert said. “The elevator was the best part. I had no clue what was going to happen when the doors opened up.”

Zach Hesterberg was president of the club last year and helped plan it again this year.

“We’re the only haunted house in Quincy, and the fact that we’re in a building that is known to be haunted adds authenticity,” Hesterberg said. “We had an estimated 60 actors and a lot of capital to do another professionally put together haunted house.”

All the actors were QU students dressed in costumes and makeup, who volunteered to help.

The proceeds from the event will be split between a charity that the club chooses and fundraising for other CEO club ventures. In addition, a small part of proceeds will be given to the QU club with the best overall attendance at the house. Last year, the CEO Club made just under $9,000 with an estimated attendance of 1600 people over the two nights.

Bentzinger said that attendance was down this year in part because of the amount of people who decided to stay home and watch the Chicago Cubs play in the World Series.

“We could have had more if the Cubs weren’t playing, but we had several return customers who said that this year was better than last year,” Bentzinger said.

Hesterberg said that the event is great experience for club members of how to operate a business and take care of money.

“We consider this more of a business venture than a fundraising event,” he said. “There is way more that goes into it than just fundraising. We are learning how to invest our capital to get the best return. We planned since the beginning of September, and we had the experience of last year. That was a big help and made it easier for us.”

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