Cubs Mania has hit Quincy With A Burning Passion

On Wednesday,November 2, the Chicago Cubs defeated the Cleveland Indians in game 7 of the World Series. The Cubs won their first World Series since 1908. They ended the 108 year drought by winning a wild game 7 that ended up going into extra innings. Game 7 had everything you could imagine. The Cubs had a lead going into the eighth inning, when Indians player, Rajai Davis, hit a game tying home run, which almost took the energy away from the Cubs. The game went into extra innings. There was a rain delay in the top of the 10th inning. After the rain delay, Cubs outfielder, Ben Zobrist, had a base hit that would end up being the game winning hit. Zobrist became the MVP of the World Series.

The Cubs ended their so-called “curse.” They had a parade in Chicago on Friday, November 4 to celebrate them bringing the title back to Chicago. According to CNN, an estimated 5 million people attended the parade. It was one of the biggest celebrations in history. Fans poured in from all over to just see their Chicago Cubs and celebrate with other fellow Cubs fans.

Sales of Cubs merchandise is also breaking historical records as well. According to ESPN, the sales World Series merchandise had already shattered all records within the first 15 hours of the Cubs winning. The Cubs gear sales have already become the top selling championship gear in history. They were estimated to sell $70 million of merchandise in their first 24 hours of winning the title.

Cubs mania has swept the country, and Quincy, IL has been caught right up in it as well. Everywhere you go, it seems that there is Cubs merchandise available everywhere. Cubs fans have been wearing their gear with pride everywhere you go.

One person who is very glad to see the Cubs winning the World Series is Nathan Obert, who graduated from Quincy University in 2015 with a Bachelor’s Degree in finance. Obert and his family are life long Cubs fan. They are loving every minute of this experience, and hope for more Cubs championships in the future.

“I feel the weight has been taken off the franchise, players and fans. I feel the future is bright, and since we finally were able to get the monkey off of our back, we can focus on winning multiple championships in the near future,” Obert said.

He believes finally seeing them end the championship-less drought is one of the top moments of his life, and a moment he will never forget.

“Every Cubs fan will remember where they were on that night, and will remember the feelings that went throughout them at that moment,” Obert stated.

His biggest reason though he is happy for those that have waited so long to see this moment happen.

“I’m happy for the people who have waited an entire lifetime to see this happen. It brings joy to me knowing how much that moment meant to them,” Obert said.


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