UC Closed Until Further Notice


The Hawks Hangout is expected to reopen this coming Friday, Jan. 27.

Quincy University students had to look elsewhere on campus for lunch options on Monday, Jan. 24, 2017.

The University Center, better known as the Hawks Hangout, was closed for lunch after a water main break that forced the venue to stop serving meals.

A sign posted at the UC entrance informed students of the closure, and a university-wide email sent by Christine Tracy, dean of students, provided information regarding other dining options.

“I needed a quick lunch in between my classes and couldn’t get one because of the pipe break. This really inconveniences a lot of people,” senior Jamie Frederick said.

The Main Dining Room trafficked around 250 students during the lunch rush as a result of the water main break.

“Thankfully the UC is not the university’s main dining option,” junior, Erin Flaherty said. “I’m sure the administration is working as quickly as they can to get the issue resolved.”

Senior, Jesseca Leggett, feels the university should look into more permanent solutions for the water main issues, referring to the water main break that took place during the fall 2016 semester.

“Temporary fixes aren’t going to bring the university back. They need to do things that are going to last in the long run instead of doing the same things that do not seem to work,” Leggett said.

The Maintenance Department does not know the exact cause of the break at the present time, and believe they will not have an answer until they are able to investigate further. Maintenance will need to be cleared to begin digging before they are able to fix the break.

As for now, dining options remain at the Main Dining Room, QYO and North Campus.

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