Cupid’s Delivery Service Brightens Quincy’s Hearts Yet Again

By Travis Richmiller

Quincy University’s Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organization celebrated Valentine’s Day by making special deliveries to locals on February 13 and 14.

This is the third year that the organization has hosted the event. For the small price of $40, the organization made a special delivery sent to your significant other. The delivery consisted of red roses, 10 handmade chocolate truffles from Bittersweet Confections and even a special song sung by Cupid himself.

Quincy University’s Reed Bentzinger was one of the students who dressed up as Cupid to make the deliveries.

Roughly ten members assisted in the whole packing and delivery process. Ten deliveries were made on February 13, and 24 deliveries were made on Valentine’s Day, totaling 34 deliveries all together.

Deliveries were made all around Quincy, and one was made in Mendon, IL. These Valentine’s Day deliveries were made in many different locations as well, such as law firms, elementary schools, medical groups, salons, auto shops, personal homes, banks, manufacturing facilities and even Blessing Hospital.

The organization went to Good Samaritan Home on Valentine’s Day to help spread the love as well.

Bentzinger loved dressing up as Cupid and being a part of this experience. He feels as though it is a positive experience for everyone involved. He enjoys putting smiles on people’s faces.

The people at Bittersweet Confections also enjoy being a part of the process, not just because of the boost in sales, but also because they know that they are contributing to something that means a lot to people and helps to bring them joy on Valentine’s Day.

Bentzinger also loves that it is a learning experience for QU’s CEO Club. The club obtained some valuable, real-world business experience in this project.

“The overall impact from this simple project is more than I could have ever imagined,” he said.

The delivery that stood out the most to Reed was when he made a special delivery to his mom. She works at an elementary school. The group surprised her at school during the morning assembly in the gym, which was full of kindergarten, first grade and second grade students who all sang a song for his mom.

“It was definitely memorable and I’m sure my mom won’t forget this Valentine’s Day anytime soon,” Bentzinger said. “We may have inspired the next Cupid entrepreneur to take my place.”


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