QU Hawks Win 2017 GLVC West Division Conference

The Hawks fought hard in a must win game against rival Truman State to win the Great Lakes Valley West Division Conference on Feb. 24.

QU was one game ahead of Truman State entering the match up Thursday. It that created a must win atmosphere for the Hawks.

The Hawks took a commanding lead to start the game going on a 12-2 run. However, by halftime, Truman State was down by three.

Truman State took the lead in the second half. The Hawks came back for the win in the final stretch of the game.

QU was able to organize a fan bus for students and travel to support the Hawks.

About 50 students had the opportunity to attend and were excited to witness an intense 97-92 win for the Hawks.

“It’s great to see the support from the school, coming out in the charter bus on the road, and getting a win on Truman State’s home court,” Reed Bentzinger said.

The Hawks struggled over the last several years and fans are proud that they got to see them win 24 games.

“I was with this team for four years here, and during the trails and tribulations, it is awesome to see this team mature, and I can’t wait to see what they do in Evansville and in the future,” Max Bennett said.

A  QU junior was excited to see the team’s success.

“This season has been magical and seeing us beat Truman State at their place, it’s unbelievable,” Eric Katz said.

The Hawks have clinched a first round bye in the GLVC tournament and were placed in the quarterfinals automatically.

The next game will be played in Evansville, Indiana on March 2 at Ford’s Center.

First round match ups are still unknown. Stay updated on the GLVC page for updates.

Here is a Snapchat recap of the game and fan reactions.

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