Quincy to hold Community Cancer Crush event

By Emma Hoyt

For the past five years, the Quincy community has attended the Community Cancer Crush to help local cancer patients.

Every Good Friday, the Community Cancer Crush is held at the Ambiance in Quincy from 6 p.m. to midnight, in an effort to raise funds for locals fighting a battle with cancer.

Luke Tappe founded this non-profit organization, The Community Cancer Crush, Inc., in 2014.

Tappe lost his father, Ted Tappe in 2014 to prostate cancer, and that’s what keeps the event alive.

“The event started the year I lost my dad, but he passed five days before the first event. He was really excited to come, I had an ambulance lined up to take his hospital bed right to the Ambiance,” Tappe said.

Susie Bryson, Luke’s mother, loves being a apart of the Cancer Crush every year.

“Luke found that there was a need for it in this community after the first year, it helps with many different patient needs. Plus, it makes me feel good. It’s such a great cause,” says Bryson.

The money raised is dispersed through the Blessing and Quincy Medical Group Foundations in Quincy to help people in town.

The Community Cancer Crush is a fun-filled event filled with entertainment, dinner and auction items.

This year dinner includes Hy-Vee Catering served at 7 p.m. as well as entertainment by Madd Hoss Jackson during the event.

The Community Cancer Crush organizers raffle a home in Quincy, and this year the house is located at 425 S. 18th Street.

House of Hope located on 18th and State in Quincy.

The winner will be the new owner of a three bedroom, two bathroom, completely updated home in the center of Quincy.

Banner outside of House of Hope – open house available every Sunday.

Other prizes include $10,000 in cash, a trip across America for two and $5,000 in cash.

Tappe loves seeing the money raised being put to a good cause.

“I’ve seen the money that this community has raised from this event, it impacts real peoples lives,” Tappe said.

“A story I’ll never forget involved a woman who called her doctor to cancel her appointment. When she was asked why, she said that her tires on her car were completely bald and if she attempted to travel to her appointment she’d slide all over the road due to ice. We paid for all new tires on her vehicle so she could make it to the current and future appointments,” Tappe said.

Over the passed five years the Quincy community and Tri-State area have raised over $320,000 for cancer patients.

“The money is raised locally and dispersed locally – we want to reach our community. We’ve assisted in so many ways too, from gas cards to wigs, prosthetics and medical necessities. I just wanted everyone to know where their money goes, it’s just awesome,” Tappe said.

The Community Cancer Crush is held on Good Friday and tickets can be purchased online for $30 and at the door for $40.

Raffle tickets can be purchased at Hy-Vee on Broadway and Harrison, Davis & Frese Realtors, Blessing, Quincy Medical Group and at the event for $100.

Tappe is proud of himself, this community and knows his father would be too.

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