A One Stop Shop At The Financial Aid Office

By Travis Richmiller

During the spring break, a major change occurred in the Business and Financial Aid Offices so QU could provide students with the best customer service possible.

All questions about financial records will now be handled in the Financial Aid Office, which is located in Room 104 of Francis Hall. Students will now be able to handle all of their financial information in one location.

Some of the services that the Financial Aid Office include: accounting and bills, making account payments, student loans, adding student flex dollars, and student refunds. Students can also get assistance with payment plans, bookstore vouchers, art supply cards and replacement student ID’s.

The Business Office will continue to handle cashing checks and going over receipts from fundraisers, student organizations and athletic events. Clubs and organizations can make deposits in the Business Office.

Student Accounts Representative, Kristi Shelton, moved upstairs from  the Business Office and is now located in the Financial Aid Office.

Shelton feels like students will be happy with the move, and will encounter less confusion. QU isn’t the only school making similar transitions.

“A lot of other schools do this, so we thought we would try something new,” Shelton said.

If this move goes well, the Financial Aid Office might change its name to Student Financial Services, which would occur in the Fall semester.

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