Mary Argana For Vice-President

What is your motivation to run for Vice-President of SGA?

Over my year here, I have heard so many students complain about not feeling at home or say that they do not like Quincy because they feel like they aren’t getting the college experience. A lot of them have dropped out or transferred, and that really bothered me. I feel like the college experience starts with the student, so it’s up to us. I want to help lead a student movement to change the culture on campus, and to help students feel more at home here.

Why do you feel you best represent the students at QU?

I have dabbled in a lot of different things during my time here. I feel I have a broad connection and exposure to a lot of people on campus. 

What do you think being a part of SGA means?

I think being a member of SGA is being the buffer between the administration and students. It’s taking all the concerns you hear around campus, and then sitting down, analyzing the problems before taking them to the administration. 

What is your campaign strategy? How are you going to win?

I am going to immerse myself in student life, and put myself out there. I want to communicate to the students what I’m about and be as real and authentic to show the students I’m here for them. 

How do you, as a member of SGA, plan to tackle the Recovery efforts?

It’s extremely important that students are represented because this university is about the students. So members of the executive board need to know what the concerns of the students are, and they need to know how they can improve the retention rate because that’s a huge problem I think. SGA gives students the opportunity to do that.

Do you have an plans to help improve retention rate?

I’ve actually recently received a position as a Resident Assistant. I will be one on one with residents of my dorm, so I am going to be able to listen to their concerns and apply them to SGA.

I think that there is a lot we can do to start integrating the communities here. There is a lot of segregation with sports and with different groups so I think by integrating people via different events that will help retention. People want to feel valued and people want to feel like they are important to the school. We need each other. 

I’m also trying to get hammocks around campus. 

Do you think you’ll be able to accomplish your goals within the means provided by the SGA budget?

Yes. I’m not a person that gives up. If we do not have enough money, I’ll go find the money. We need to do a good job in delegating the money for necessary projects, and if a problem arises, we can go out and fundraise. No matter what the problem is, I will find a solution. 

What new ideas, besides hammocks, do you want to bring to SGA?

I think hammocks are a great start. I want to improve the intramural sports because this campus is dominated by athletes, so obviously sports are important. Having more people involved in intramural sports…whenever people are more involved, it’s more fun for them. 

What experience do you bring to the table? Why are you qualified for the VP position?

I have been involved in SGA since I was a freshman in high school. I have experience with leading groups. I was elected vice-president in high school for student government. I lead an even bigger group there than at Quincy. I have experience helping people work together.

How do you balance your personal life with all of your other responsibilities? How well do you time-manage?

I believe I have decent time management skills. I am going to be an RA, I’m a member of the student choir, I work at Buffalo Wild Wings, and I’m taking 19 credit hours. 

Even though you have all of these responsibilities going on, where is SGA going to rank on your list of priorities? 

SGA will be my top priority. If we do not have a successful university, than all of the other stuff doesn’t matter.

What is your favorite part about QU?

I like being surrounded by the people here. I like being surrounded by such a broad spectrum of people that I wasn’t exposed to in high school, so I really like the community aspect and I want to build that even more. 














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