Lack of senator attendance impacting SGA

By Lauren Beeman

The Student Government Association could not hold a formal meeting Tuesday, October 10 due to lack of senator attendance.

“We will not even count this as an official meeting,” President Gino Grivetti said.

Grivetti and Senator Josh Del Rosario were the only two active members present.

The senate was supposed to vote on a funding request, but because there were not enough voting members present, the request was postponed.

Grivetti did announce the formal appoinment of Ian Heinze, the new commuter representative. Heinze who was also at the meeting was appointed to replace former Senator Matt Anderson.

The standing QU SGA Constitution grants Grivetti the ability to make senator appointments, but also states that elected senators who miss more than four meetings lose voting power.

Grivetti expressed the imperative need to fill vacant senator seats prior to the proposed November elections.

The current constitution requires the senate to have 11 positions, but Grivetti and the rest of SGA are proposing a 16 senator setup and a combined President and Vice-President ticket.

The constitution states that individuals interested in running for a position must attend at least one SGA meeting prior to submitting an application for office.

While the existing constitution also states that elections are to be held by March, Grivetti and his team hope to hold them in November. There has been talk of revising the constitution, but SGA has not taken that action.

Any changes made to the existing constitution are required to be announced to the entire student body via email and disclosed thirty days prior to being enacted.

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