Senor Pursues Basketball Overseas

By Brayden Nuessen

Herm Senor’s college basketball career may be over and he may be graduating in May, but he is pursuing the opportunity to play basketball overseas.

“Right now, I am sending highlight tapes to different teams and agents,” Senor said. “The first thing I have to do is get an agent so they can get me on a team.”

As he keeps working on landing other opportunities, Senor will get a summer job to make extra money.

All of Senor’s opportunities started when Marty Bell, men’s basketball head coach, heard about him when he was being scouted for football.

“I first saw Herm during his senior year (in high school) in a tournament in Collinsville (Illinois) and made an offer to him at that time,” Bell said. “He actually came to our attention by the football staff because he had an interest in football”.

Senor was a three-sport athlete from Southeast High School in Springfield, Illinois.

His decision to come to QU came down to several factors.

“First off was basketball and then it was close to home where it was easier for my family to come to games,” Senor said.

When Senor arrived, he made an immediate impact with the team on and off the court.  Throughout his time at QU, he has grown into an accomplished basketball player.

“I have seen Herm grow from a talented freshmen to a accomplished, mature basketball player,” Bell said. “I see a guy who is young and (has) great talent, and I’ve seen him become, in the evolution of four years, in to floor leader and a really good college basketball player.”

In Senor’s first two years, he played the majority of the time at shooting guard.  During those years, he started a few games. His career took off his junior year when Thomas Jackson sustained a season-ending injury. Senor helped lead the team to back-to-back winning seasons.

Senor was pretty happy with how Bell treated his players during his time at QU.

“Coach Bell would always talk to you during practice and ask how things are going, even off the court (and) makes sure that you are on track,” Senor said.

He has played with many players during his time at QU. However, 2016 QU graduate and current graduate student Grant Meyer was with him all four years. They both played a part in one of the most successful seasons in QU’s basketball history.

“On the court, Herm is very intense and pushes himself to attempt to do the best that he can,” Meyer said. “Off the court, Herm is very relaxed and someone I enjoy hanging around.”

Meyer has many good memories from his time with Senor.

“There were many times we would celebrate, warm up before games as well as dance to our team song,” he said.

Senor has been successful on the court and in the classroom.

“It was different here because it was the first time that I had to take a religion class and philosophy were new to me as well,” Senor said. “In the long run, it helped me build on my faith and learn more about other religion(s).”

Senor has some advice to incoming freshmen.

“Try to get your homework in between your classes and just get your assignment(s) done so you are not stressing to get anything done in the last minute,” Senor said. “Try to find a balance between school, sports and social life.”

Senor will graduate with a degree in Business Management.

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