QU looks to Surpass Annual Fund Drive Goal, Again

Quincy University hosted it’s annual Fund Drive, Wednesday, Sept. 13,  2017, in the University’s private dining room.

With a $1 million goal in mind, many university faculty, administration and staff gathered to discuss how Quincy University can surpass the goal as it had for eight years previous. The University is focusing on it’s $7 Million dollar recovery goal.

Last year, Quincy University’s Fund Drive raised $1,010,943. The funding goes to support students directly; aiding in campus improvements, enhancing technology, and providing student scholarships.

Fund Drive Co-Chairman, Kevin and Sheri Reller, both QU alumni, are key contributors to initiating the Fund Drive this year. The Rellers showed enthusiasm and hope in the alumni and community’s ability to exceed the goal once again.

The Fund Drive kicked off it’s event with a light luncheon starting at noon and proceeding with commentary. Julie Bell was the first to welcome attendees to the event, with an organized collaboration of speakers to follow.

“While we are grateful for the generosity of our alumni, friends and businesses last fiscal year, it is very important that we do not get to comfortable,” Bell said.

Kevin and Sheri Reller took over and shared their eagerness and anticipation for the further growth of the university.

“Sheri and I are excited to chair the QU Fund this year. We are both graduates, were married in the QU Chapel, and our oldest daughter Logan is a 2011 QU graduate. We are grateful that the University has enriched our lives through it’s educational and spiritual contributions to the Quincy area,” Kevin Reller said.

Kevin and Sheri are passionate about supporting the University in such an impactful way. As alumni, they see the importance of fostering close relationships with others and are willing to contribute to a university that has benefitted them in that way.

“Everybody was so supportive of us and went way above and beyond for us and our families. It is just so great to give back to someone who’s given us so much,” Sheri Reller said.

Fund Drive pamphlets were organized neatly on each table in the private dining room. Alumni were encouraged to ‘invest in tomorrows leaders’ and recognize the future of the students. Alumni and supporters were able to choose among three different amounts of monthly donations. These donations are used directly to benefit the university as a whole.

“I hope the students feel it’s all about family. I hope the alumni reach out back to their family and help support and continue our growth of this family, and how strong it is,” Sheri Reller said.

Ray Heilman, faculty and staff chairman, followed Kevin and Sheri Reller in speaking.

“It’s not about us, it’s about our students. Our students are the most important entity that we have at this institution,” Heilman said.

The University’s new president, Phil Conover, shared his thoughts and gratitude. Conover commented on being “pleased with the numbers’ when referencing the increase percentage of enrollment at Quincy University. Conover also referred to Illinois state schools decreasing in numbers and because of state numbers dropping, being proud of the direction Quincy University is headed.

“We need this annual fund,” Conover said.

Father John ended the event with a prayer.

Kevin and Sheri Reller complimented the growth they’ve already witnessed on campus and claimed that anyone could plainly see the changes already made on campus due to the success of the annual Fund Drive. The Reller’s bring their gratitude back to the alumni, who have contributed for years.

“When there are so many different organizations that people contribute to and that we can we can continually hit that mark is amazing. That we have such great supporters and such dedicated supporters that come back time and time again to not only donate their money but their efforts is amazing,” Sheri Reller said.

Anyone is able to ‘Make a difference’ for Quincy University and invest in tomorrow’s leaders by donating to the QU Fund Drive.

The Fund Drive chairpersons are focusing on the betterment of the students and the support of the alumni to further the advancement of the university for future generations.





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