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QU looks to Surpass Annual Fund Drive Goal, Again

Quincy University hosted it’s annual Fund Drive, Wednesday, Sept. 13,  2017, in the University’s private dining room. With a $1 million goal in mind, many university faculty, administration and staff gathered to discuss how Quincy University can surpass the goal as it had for eight years previous. The University is focusing on it’s $7 Million dollar recovery goal. Last year, Quincy

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Valentine’s Day Introduces “Wedding Wednesdays”

By: Sarah Vahlkamp Valentine’s Day has become quite a celebrated holiday for couples around the world; and some of these couples may have originated right here at Quincy University. Beginning today, QU Media will feature one QU Alumni couple every Wednesday until the end of the 2016 spring semester in a series titled “Wedding Wednesdays.” If you would like to

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