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A Quincy shuttle bus schedule is now available. A sample schedule was first sent to the students through email near the beginning of September but it did not contain actual stop times, but suggested shuttles were available every fifteen minutes. Now, students have access to shuttle stop times throughout the week here: printable QU shuttle schedule.

For sophomore, David Spillman, he is still rearranging his schedule to make it to his North Campus classes on time. Every Tuesday and Thursday, Spillman waits patiently for the shuttle to arrive.

“I’m getting there 40 minutes early because I’m not exactly sure when the shuttle comes,” Spillman said.

Spillman also said that he did look at the email, though still did not feel as if it was very helpful for the students. The example schedule in the email consisted of a few 15 minute rotation times.

There are two shuttles that bus students to and from North Campus throughout the day.  Shuttle bus driver, Willis Franklin, nicknamed “Boomer” by the students, said he operates by the schedule given to him by Quincy University and is unsure of why students complain about not making it to their classes on time.

“Be patient with us. We try our best. But, like I said, our hands are tied,” Franklin said.

As a shuttle bus driver, Franklin looks forward to the students and his opportunity to get to know them every day. His passion and care for the students drives his benevolence to the next level. The shuttle drivers are adamant about following their schedule and putting the students first.

“We try to work with the students. We’re supposed to come from North Campus and drop them off at Francis Hall. Were not supposed make a short cut or drop somebody off at the cafe, were supposed to set them by the college. But a lot of times if the weather is bad and somebody is on crutches or something, we will drop them off at the cafe,” Franklin said.

“For me things haven’t changed. I haven’t looked at the schedule because I know when I’m supposed to be at classes. It’s not good or bad. It just is what it is. It’s at the point that I know when I have to be there, that’s what’s been working for me since,”  Chavez said.

The university has extended the time of the shuttle in the evening for the Monday and Thursday courses that end at 9:30 at North Campus.  The shuttle pick up locations are: the circle drive in front of St. Francis, in front of the SLC, and in front of the A building entrance at North Campus. On Friday the shuttle stops at 4PM.

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