QU security wants help finding trespasser

By Brayden Nuessen


The suspect was identified by Pam Wallace, QU security supervisor, because she knew him from an incident that occurred about a year ago.

The student involved in Tuesday’s incident identified the suspect from pictures from social media.

The Quincy Police Department was able to contact and question the suspect and he admitted his actions last night.

A ‘no trespass’ order was given to the suspect according to the QU Security Office.

The symbol that he drew on the sidewalk has meaning between the trespasser and his brother who both have the same tattoo on their hands.


Original story: 

Someone who forced their way into Francis Hall is wanted for questioning. He aggressively threatened a female student to let him in the building.

Security camera catches suspect in Francis Hall.


At around 11 p.m. an unknown male, who isn’t believed to be a student at Quincy University, told a female student to use her key card to let him enter Francis Hall.

The student alerted security as soon as she let him in the building.

The male was described to be in his mid 20’s with brown hair wearing a long sleeve white T-shirt,  a black scarf and dark pants.

Security investigated Francis Hall and heard music coming from the chapel.

As soon as an officer opened the door, the suspect ran out of the chapel.

Security also says the suspect had been seen kneeling drawing a symbol by Willer Hall.

The students were able to follow him from a distance until he ran off campus while the Quincy Police Department searched the surrounding area.

He has not been found.

QU security is asking for help if you have any knowledge of who this unknown suspect might be. Also, security is asking if you recognize the symbol that the suspect drew outside Willer Hall. If you know any information, contact Sam Lathrop, QU Security Director.

Lathrop wanted to remind students ways to be safe on campus.

  • If you see something-say something. No one knows campus better than you. If something looks out of place or suspicious, please notify QU Security so we can take a look.
  • Avoid propping doors as it allows for anyone to enter.
  • Especially at night, avoid walking alone. If you fell unsafe, call QU security for an escort.
  • Lastly, be alert of your surrounding. Technology can distract you from what is happening around you.
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