Quincy University announces housing changes for next semester

Students who have been at Quincy University for four or less years know that Helein Hall is for freshmen guys while Padua Hall is for sophomore, junior, and senior guys.

However, this year QU announced that those two buildings would switch, along with a couple more changes in different residence halls.

In Fall 2024, Helein Hall will become the residence hall for sophomore, junior, and senior guys while Padua Hall becomes the residence hall for incoming freshmen guys.

Kortarius Finley, director of residence life, made the changes to the residence halls because of the increase in freshmen enrollment.

“The only differences from this year and last is that Helein Hall will now be our upperclassmen male dorm, and Padua Hall will now house our incoming freshmen males. This change is due to the increasing size of our freshman classes, and Padua Hall can hold more students then Helein,” Finley said.

This is the largest change to happen in the residence halls, and some returning students have some mixed feelings about the switch up.

“Helein was not in a very good condition when I lived there my freshman year, and I have heard it has not gotten any better. It also sucks going from living in the Student Living Center with my own kitchen and bathroom this year to going back to communal bathrooms and a meal plan,” Caleb Boucher said.

Some other changes in the residence halls include Willer Hall residents needing to have eight people to completely fill out the room and Friars Hall having a floor dedicated for doubles.

Screenshot of an email sent by Kortarius Finley about the new housing rules.
Screenshot of the email sent out to students March 22, 2023 regarding the new housing rules.

While this is not a major change, it has still rubbed a few students the wrong way.

“I think that Quincy should provide more housing for their students and still meet the needs of their accommodations if needed,” Greta Spetch said.

Spetch is referring to students who have special requirements that limit them from sharing a room with another person, which the new Willer Hall rule will effect.

Finley stated the changes in the Willer Hall rooms is due to the larger student populations QU has been seeing in recent years.

“Willer Hall will be at full capacity, with each room now being a double. Willer is one of our largest buildings housing both male and female students. We had been moving Willer slowly after the last couple of years to all doubles with the addition of new furniture to ensure we could accommodate suites at their capacity and that phased-in furniture approach will be complete this summer. Each suite has received new furniture starting with the 5th floor one summer, then the next was 4th and 3rd and this summer we will finish with the 2nd and 1st,” Finley said.

Students are already experiencing the residence halls changes as the housing lottery comes to a close.

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