Solo Senior Day

Imagine coming in to college excited to play with other freshman who made the same team you have. Now imagine coming in as a freshman on a team all by yourself.

This was the case for now senior Anika Webster, the only senior who will be graduating from the team this 2018 basketball season. Webster came in to her freshman year at Quincy as the only women’s basketball freshman, and she does not regret a things.

“I think I was fortunate enough to have the freshman year that I did because I was kind of thrown in to things. I didn’t have the time to be nervous about it,” Webster said. “They needed me my freshman year, and that carried on throughout the years,” she continued.

Webster finished her freshman season with several achievements, including Freshman of the Year award. Although she came in without other teammates her age, she adapted well and fit in perfectly with the girls.

Over the years, Webster has learned a lot about growing as a person and as a player. Head Women’s Basketball Coach Jeni Garber had many good things to say about her single senior.

“She’s been an outstanding ambassador for out program. She’s a good leader, very outgoing with a good personality,” Coach Garber said of Anika.

Not only was Webster a huge contributor in her past seasons, but is also one of the lead scorers for this year’s team averaging 16-17 points a game. She’s is also  39% from behind the arc, as well and 82% from the free throw line.

Going in to her senior game this weekend, Webster says she is excited and nervous at the same time. She is ready to move on, but knows she will miss the game soon enough.

Through all her years at Quincy, Webster says her biggest fans and supporters have always been her parents. They have been in attendance to almost every one of her home games, including most, if not all, of her away games.

“For my senior day, I’m honestly most excited for my parents to be there. I really want to give it back to them that day because it’s their last season watching me and they’ve truly been the most supportive,” said Webster. “I can maybe count on one hand how many games they’ve missed and I really want this weekend to be about them,” she continued.

This goes to show how selfless and caring Webster’s character really is. This carries over on to the court as well. Coach Garber compliments her leadership and social skills both on and off the court. It makes her the great player she is.

“Anika is very big shoes to fill, in a lot of areas. In both the leadership area and obviously the basketball area as well,” Coach Garber said. She continued saying that “…just her overall presence within the team and within our program will be hard to replace.”

Anika will be recognized as the solo senior on her Senior Day this weekend Saturday, February 24th at 1:00 p.m. in Pepsi Arena. Senior recognition will take place right before tip off. The men’s basketball game will directly follow.

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