QU to Host Award Show for Hardworking Students

The Office of Student Development is taking a big step toward recognizing students for their academic excellence, leadership roles, and dedication to volunteering at Quincy University.

The previous Student Achievement Awards event took place two years ago. This year, Director of Residence Life and Campus Programs Johann St. John says the Office of Student Development is “going very big” this year with the production of the Student Achievement Awards.

“It’s not brand new, but it’s something we’ve done in the past; maybe on a smaller level. This year we are bringing it back and doing it in a much bigger way,” St. John said.

The Student Achievement Awards will take place at 6 p.m. Tuesday,  May 1, at Pepsi Arena. St. John compared the evening to a mixture of the Golden Globes and the Grammys. The event will be formal attire. He is hoping that students will invite their parents, faculty and staff  in order to celebrate the student’s achievements for the year.

Dean of Students Dr. Christine Tracy sent out a Google Form on March 5, inviting students and faculty to vote in several different categories. She sent out the same email on March 26 to remind students to submit nominations. The deadline is April 2.

The email describes the event:

All award nominees and the Quincy community at large are cordially invited to the Student Achievement Awards, during which award recipients will be announced and recognized. While not everyone who attends this awards show is formally recognized, the Office of Student Development thanks all of the students in leadership roles who illustrate the University’s commitment to responsibility for the community, as well as faculty, staff and administration members who have given of their time to help realize the Quincy mission.

The students have the opportunity to vote for their peers in several categories. Within the Club, Organization and Greek section, the awards include President of the Year, Organization of the year, Member of the Year, Advisor of the Year, and Program of the Year. The Student Choice Spirit Awards include Male Student Athlete of the Year, Female Student Athlete of the Year, and Athletic Team of the Year. Academic Support Awards include the Perseverance Award, Career Services Professionalism Award, Rising Star Award, Tutor of the Year, and Mentee of the year. Student Life Awards include Outstanding Diversity leadership Award, Civility and Respect Award, Bridging the Gap Award, and Excellence in Leadership.

The Excellence in Leadership Award will be awarded for each class level and up to five may be awarded for senior level students. Of the nominees in each class, one nominee will be chosen as the freshman, sophomore, junior and senior of the year award.

Tracy has high hopes for the restructured event. She hopes that students attend, nominate their peers and friends, and also feel a sense of pride for everything that they’ve accomplished.

“It acknowledges the great things that our students are doing and helps celebrate everything that they’ve done and accomplished throughout the school year,” Tracy said.

Sophomore student Julianna Basler said she was required to nominate a few of her peers due to being a resident assistant on campus. Even though it was required, she agreed without hesitation. She strongly believes in students being recognized for all of the hard work they accomplish.

“So basically I was thinking about students who I know excel. They go above and beyond on things whether it’s school related, career related, or even outside of school, like their family life or home life. I just feel like people who excel in everything, they take the time to do the extra things they need to do,” Basler said.

Basler expressed how important the Student Achievement Awards will be for the students.

“It gives them something to look forward to. It’s a motivation too. It makes students work hard and excel hard… It also makes the students feel appreciated,” Basler said.

St. John views this special event as an essential piece to student engagement and involvement in the University. He says the Office of Student Development wants to give students the best experience, St. John also wanted to show the students how important this event really is.

“It’s super important because especially from our office, recognition is just one of the pillars that we look at to define student engagement and student experience. And if we are not recognizing how students are connecting their stories under accomplishments that they’ve made or things that they are looking to achieve, then we are missing something,” St. John said.

Once the nomination polls are closed, the nominating committee will select the final three students in every category. The process will be confidential. St. John said  invitations to the event will be sent out soon. For more information on the process or to send information regarding a nomination, contact St. John at stjohjo@quincy.edu.

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