QU Hires Athletic Trainer from Ohio

By Marsalis Johnson

A native of Columbus, Ohio will be serving her first year as head athletic training and healthcare administrator for Quincy University Athletics.

DJ Elmore joined the Quincy University Athletic Training staff in July.

Prior to joining Quincy University, DJ held the position of Athletic Trainer for Action Physical Therapy in South Florida. As an Athletic Trainer at Action Physical Therapy, she had the opportunity to expand her rehabilitation skills and learn from an experienced physical therapist in vast forms of rehabilitation, joint mobilization, and various chronic and acute injuries.  DJ also holds memberships with American Heart Association, NASM, NASE, ACSM, OHSAA, OATA, GLATA and  NATA.

“We athletic trainers have a website which is kind of like a resume in our part. I was able to follow Quincy University athletic website and see what they were about. I was able to gain some info about them and applied to the university to get the job,” Elmore explains.

Being an athletic trainer is a serious and busy job. There are so many teams filled with a lot of players that can be either injured or need treatment. Elmore is able to handle this type of situation since she understands what her role is.

“There has been a majority of injuries, especially the football players since their season has began not too long ago. I never really had any issues between the players or the coaches lately and they have been very understanding to me. I like how they take the treatments I give seriously,” Elmore explained.

It is true that the players from every sport do need a trainer in order to stay healthy and able to keep on playing. If there were no trainers then the players themselves would be struggling through their pain or injuries.

Being new to the community is no easy task for anyone, even when you are from a different state. As for Elmore, she does not mind being in the mid-west.

“Even though being new to a different environment, I do not mind it at all. I have only been here for two weeks and it feels like I am already at home. I am still in the mid-west area so it does not feel like I am far away from home anyway,” Elmore said.

It seems that Elmore has been enjoying herself at Quincy prior to being there for only a few weeks. The players from different sports admire her hard work and care for those who are hurt or injured.

“I am definitely more than ready to go to work as the year long of sports begin. I am more than happy to help those who really need it,” Elmore said.


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