Brittany Ellerman: QU Director of Admissions

What’s challenging/interesting/rewarding about my current job? The landscape of college
admissions is always changing. It is both difficult and rewarding attempting to find new ways to
connect with prospective students. We are constantly brainstorming in the Admissions Office. I
love the team-aspect of my job – while individual goals are important for each Counselor, the
overall goal is what we chase.

How do I use various communication proficiencies in my work? I send and receive probably
50-100 personal emails a day, in addition to sending upwards of 50,000 mass emails a week. I
call and text students to develop a relationship with them and help them through the college
search process. I use face-to-face communication skills when meeting prospective families at
high school visits, college fairs, campus visits, and events.

What surprised me about my career? I was surprised how much the tried-and-true approach of
reaching students by phone is still the number one way to contact them, as well as sway them to
choose Quincy University. When surveying students about why they chose QU, a majority
described the fact that personal phone calls from Admissions staff was paramount in their
decision making process. Texting, email, social media, and digital marketing are all important
communication avenues when marketing, but the traditional phone call still remains the number
one way to build rapport with students.

Here’s my number one piece of advice for Communication undergrads: Embrace the TV
studio! This wasn’t an option when I was in college. Even if your dream is not to be on TV,
getting comfortable in front of the camera can only sharpen your communication skills. Being
able to participate in QUTV, the Falcon, local internships, etc… provides you with a varied skill
set and makes you marketable to future employers.

What should I have asked you? Please answer that question too! What did I appreciate the
most from being a QU Communication graduate? The help and attention from Advisers and
Professors. Dr. John Schleppenbach knew me – he knew my interests, my career goals, my
strengths and weaknesses. His guidance led me to obtaining a degree with two concentrations a job before I even graduated, and, most importantly, confidence in my abilities. I will always be grateful to him.

Class: 2011

Previous jobs since graduation: Admissions Counselor/Associate Director of Admissions – Quincy University


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