Cafeteria Poll Changes Student Meals

By Adam Meyer

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are ways for students to unwind from their busy lives. Recently these meals have a new component to students routines, and it is just a button.

The cafeteria at Quincy University recently implemented a new system to calculate every student’s reaction that day for their overall experience. This way the workers of the University cafeteria are able to add and get rid of different food based off of the overall percentages that week.

With these percentages the overall experience rate is then published onto the glass behind the button’s, showing that week’s rate. The reason this is actually important is because in years prior the only way students were able to get their voices out was through a poll inside the cafeteria at least once a semester, then only certain stations would be changed in the cafeteria, serving different food on different days shying away from a scheduled system.

Older students are now less likely to go into the cafeteria but some believe this poll system will help make the experience of eating in the cafeteria better.

“They need to take these into consideration, because I think there are a lot of people who want to say stuff about it and will never get their voice heard,“ Adam Rogan said.

Rogan  lives in the Student Living Center and rarely eats at the cafeteria but has experienced times when the cafeteria was not at its finest.

When new students come to Quincy University they do not know what to expect when it comes to classes but more importantly what kind of food they will be eating. The kind of food served at the cafeteria can be intimidating for freshman but the poll has added a new element to feedback.

“I think the cafe poll will be helpful for improving the overall quality of the food each day. If one day the polls are bad, then they know to change the meals they served. Most of the people coming out of the cafe answer the poll so it gives a good representation of the majority,” Robert Pentrose, a freshman, said.

It is important for students to interact with the poll buttons if they wish to see change, and for there to be a more immediate change the students must call the number at the bottom of the device to input their complaint. Kay Bettendorf believes the poll system will help incorporate other types of meals for students to enjoy.

“I think it will work because they will realize that students don’t really want tacos twice a week, (this poll system) will also give more variety to the cafe than what it already provides,” Bettendorf said. 


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