International student brings culture change to familiar sport

By: Taylor King

Quincy University has recently taken charge in the international students program. But one student stands out from all the others.

Noam Hannoun from Israel, has come to Quincy University to play men’s volleyball and he wants to get a great education and wanted to get away from home. He thought this would be a perfect place for him.

But adjusting to how students and Americans in general do things is very different to Noam.

“The culture is just different. It’s hard to explain. I guess it is the way people look at things,” Hannoun said.

He absolutely loves the campus atmosphere and the people at Quincy University. Although, he does miss his family and friends he is grateful for the friendships he has already made.

“The people are very nice and I feel very welcomed. I already miss my family and friends, and there is a big time difference I have had to get used to,” Hannoun said.

His teammates have loved having him here. They love his dedication to the team and they think his transition has been going real well. His housemate Jacob Sheets has already really enjoyed having him around.

“He is adjusting really well. It’s great to have him around and to have someone on our team that is not from the United Sates is such a positive change for us as a volleyball team. I cannot wait to see what he does for us this season,” Sheets said.

As for volleyball, Noam has put the men’s volleyball team at a huge advantage as he was on the Israeli national team and will be bring some great defensive play to the court for the Hawks.

“He’s an awesome guy to have around and he’s going to be a huge asset to the team. There’s a different energy in the gym already and it’s noticeable. He pushes people to be better on a daily basis,” Connor Martin, teammate, said.

Looking into the future for Hannoun, he is looking forward to his four years at Quincy University and feels that he has made the right decision to have come here.

“I want the volleyball team to get better every year, and I think we are on the right track. The coaches are working really hard to better the standards of the team. If we follow them, I am sure we will succeed,” Hannoun said.

“I will probably want to play professionally somewhere in Israel or in Europe,” Hannoun says.

The sky is the limit for Noam Hannoun with being positive and having great family and friends to support him helps his experience away from home. It is also very important for him to do well and succeed during his time at Quincy University.

“It is important that to me to learn a lot and to succeed in the academic field. I also think the next four years are the best opportunity for me to make new connections and new friends,” Hannoun said.

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